1998 Metheglin (Mead)

September 2007 – I hadn’t made mead in 10 years and since one of the guys I worked with is a beekeeper it made perfect sense to make a batch. I last made a mead back in 1988. Seemed like a good time to do it again, but this time I decided to make a full 5 gallons — anything less than 25 bottles output is a waste of time … especially if it comes out good! 🙂

Note: Technically this is not a mead, but a metheglin, which is honey wine with spices.

1998 Metheglin


Fruit 15 lbs honey
Pectic Enzyme 2 tsp
Grape Tannin 1 tsp
Yeast Nutrient 5 tsp
Sulfite 1/4 tsp
Acid Blend 4 tsp
Flavorings 1 cinnamon stick, broken into pieces
24 whole cloves
Yeast Red Star Champagne


Brought 5 quarts water to nearly a boil and let cool to 175 degrees F. Used to dissolve the honey. Added remaining ingredients (except yeast), and additional water to make 5-1/2 gallons volume. 12/16/1998
SG 1.092
Made a starter with yeast and pitched it. 12/17/1998
SG 1.092
Racked, 1/4 tsp K-sulfite added. 12/26/1998
SG 1.008
Racked, 1/4 tsp K-sulfite added. 02/08/1999
SG 1.008
Bottled 12/15/1999
SG 1.008


Yield 28 bottles
Afterthoughts This one never quite fermented out. In hindsight, I’m surprised as I used champagne yeast and the initial SG wasn’t that high.
01/07/2000 This still needs aging. I’ve found that meads really require 3 to 5 years in the bottle to mellow out.
08/21/2006 Next time I do a mead (of any sort) I need to do at least 10 gallons. I’m down to 5 bottles and it’s really good! Or maybe I just need to start a new batch every year …