2019 Malbec – 2nd Run

October 2019 – I purchased 180 lbs of Malbec from Lanza Vineyards, Suisun Valley CA. After lightly pressing the wine I started this second run batch.


Grape pomace from 180# Malbec pressed at SG 1.008
Water 5 gallons hot tap water
Sugar 13 lbs 4 oz
Yeast Red Star Premier Rouge remaining in the pomace
Acid Blend 3 tsp
Fermentation Oak 8 oz French oak chips, medium toast that was in the original batch
Fermax 3 tsp
Fining Agent


Put 5 gallons hot tap water in the fermenter. Stirred in sugar until it dissolved. Stirred pomace into the water.

The SG reading is odd, like the Zinfandel. The 10 lbs of sugar I added initially should have pushed the SG up around 1.090. My initial reading after stirring heavily was 1.052, so I added 3 lbs 4 oz more sugar.

Stirred in Fermax and 3 tsp Acid Blend.

SG 1.075
Checked pH, like the Zin it’s around 4.0, so stirred in another 1 tsp Acid Blend. I have a feeling I’ll be adding a lot more. 10/29/2019
SG 1.035

SG –

SG –

SG –


Yield – bottles
Alcohol -%


Long time wine and beer making ....