2019 Zinfandel – 2nd Run

October 2019 – I purchased 180 lbs of “old vine” Zinfandel from Lodi, CA. After lightly pressing the wine I started this second run batch.


Grape pomace from 180# Zinfandel pressed at SG 1.008
Water 5 gallons hot tap water
Sugar 13 lbs 4 oz
Yeast Red Star Premier Rouge remaining in the pomace
Acid Blend 3 tsp
Fermentation Oak 8 oz American oak chips (heavy toast) that was in the original batch
Fermax 3 tsp
Fining Agent


Put 5 gallons hot tap water in the fermenter. Stirred in sugar until it dissolved. Stirred pomace into the water.

The SG reading was oddly low,. I initially added 10 lbs of sugar, figuring that would push the SG up around 1.090. My initial reading after stirring heavily was 1.054, so I added 3 lbs 4 oz more sugar. I’m thinking there was more juice left in the pomace than I realized, so it diluted the sugar water. In any case the SG is high enough.

Stirred in Fermax and 3 tsp Acid Blend.

SG 1.076
Checked pH, it’s around 4.0, so stirred in another 1 tsp Acid Blend.

When I checked the pH the sample looks thin, not unexpected in a 2nd run wine. I’m not pressing until Saturday, so I may add another lb of sugar tomorrow.

SG 1.012

SG –

SG –

SG –


Yield – bottles
Alcohol -%


Long time wine and beer making ....