Mead by Year

updated 07/20/2024

My mead making has been sporadic — which is odd, as the results have consistently proven good. I was going to lump this with the “Other Wines”, but decided mead deserves its own page.

Please note that I don’t make mead, I make metheglin, which is mead with spices. While almost any spice can be used (I’ve read recipes for bizarre ones that didn’t sound good), I used cinnamon and cloves, plus other pie-type spices. I will be experimenting with other ideas as time goes on.

Note: The wines in this list are in reverse chronological order. Clickable links navigate to the wine making log for the wine clicked.

Also note that wines marked with a green background are in progress, e.g., have not yet been bottled.

Wine Type Started Gallons/Bottles
2023 Metheglin (Mead) Mead 08/25/2023 – 07/20/2024 6.6 / 35
2018 Metheglin (Mead) Mead 08/23/2018 – 11/18/2018 5 / 27.5
1998 Metheglin (Mead) Mead 09/16/1998 – 12/15/1999 5 / 28
1988 Metheglin (Mead) Mead 10/22/1988 – 05/03/1989 3 / 6