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Sanitation in Wine 0

Sanitation in Wine

It appears that a fair number of winemakers, not limited to beginners, don’t understand the differences between “washed”, “disinfected”, “sanitized”, and “sterilized”. In this post I take a stab at defining these terms in...

2021 Finer Wine Kits – Barbera in detail 4

2021 Finer Wine Kits – Barbera in detail

Last updated 08/30/2021 This blog is a step-by-step description of making a Finer Wine Kits (FWK) according to their directions. This is a how-to combined with a critique of both the kit and the...

2021 Barbera 1

2021 Barbera

 August 2021 – I purchased a Finer Wine Kits (FWK) wine kit from Label Peelers to get a permanent 10% discount on the FWK, choosing a Barbera as I have nothing like it in the cellar....