Monthly Archive: December 2021

Reducing Wine Loss 1

Reducing Wine Loss

Two common  complaints from novice (and sometimes not-so-novice) kit winemakers are: “Why am I not getting 23 liters of wine from a 23 liter wine kit?” “Why did I have to top up the...

Fermentation vs Aging Oak 0

Fermentation vs Aging Oak

A common point of confusion among new winemakers is the usage of oak adjuncts in the winemaking process. Some are added before fermentation, some after fermentation, and there are numerous types: dust, shreds, chips,...

2021 Port 4

2021 Port

November 2022 Early this year I decided to try my hand at making Port wine. It won’t be a true port wine, which is produced by fermenting a wine (usually but not always red)...