Other Wines by Year

updated 08/11/2023

Early in my career I had a very limited income, so I sought cheap things to ferment. It turns out that pretty much anything containing sugar can be fermented. They don’t always ferment easily, but with patience they do.

In hindsight, I’m surprised how well these experiments turned out. While not quality wine by any stretch of the imagination, they proved surprisingly drinkable.

Note: The wines in this list are in reverse chronological order. Clickable links navigate to the wine making log for the wine clicked.

Also note that wines marked with a green background are in progress, e.g., have not yet been bottled.


Wine Type Started/Bottled Gallons/Bottles
1987 Welches Raspberry Juice Other 08/25/1987 – 05/29/1988 6 / 28
1986 Welches Grape Juice Other 08/28/1986 – 01/15/1987 5 / 25
1985 OceanSpray CranRaspberry Other 05/13/1985 – 08/06/1985 1 / 5
1985 Welches Grape Juice Other 02/01/1985 – 05/19/1986 5 / 25