Welcome to my wine and beer making site!

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I made my first batch of wine in May 1981 and my first beer in January 1984. On these pages I record my adventures in both arenas, along with a few white papers I’ve written on these subjects.

While this site is a personal record that means more to me than anyone, I’ve recorded most of my recipes including the methods used and wine/beer making notes, so the information may be useful to others.



Current Updates

The Malbec, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Second Run Blend are currently in process, along with a Pinot Noir kit:

Malbec updated 06/28/2020
Merlot updated 03/01/2020
Zinfandel updated 06/28/2020
Second Run Malbec / Merlot / Zinfandel updated 03/28/2020
Pinot Noir updated 05/24/2020


Recent Wines

These are wines bottled in the last 12 months (or so):

2020 Exotic Fruit – White Zinfandel updated 04/04/2020
2019 Merlot #2 updated 09/05/2019
2019 Merlot #1 updated 09/21/2019
2019 Vieux Chateau du Roi updated 09/06/2019



Current posts are displayed on the right, with the most current ones first.

Wine Making: This menu contains lists of current and finished wines, along with various lists of everything I’ve made.

Beer Making: This menu contains lists of current and finished beers. I don’t have an overall list as I don’t make a lot of beer.

Blogs: Here’s you’ll find general blog posts (non-recipes) that talk about wine or beer making in general. There are also “white papers”, documents that describe technical points to the best of my ability.