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Grape Warrior

I made my first batch of wine in May 1981 and my first beer in January 1984. On these pages I record my adventures in both arenas:

  • wine making records
  • beer making records
  • white papers on wine and beer making
  • posts that describe my experiments

The above items are accessible through the menus above, and some related posts are organized (see links on left).


Updated 04/27/2022

I record some of my ideas and processes in numerous posts, which I’ve grouped by topic on this page.

Winemaking in Detail

Updated: 07/09/2022

I’ve been keeping records of my wine and beer making activities since January 1984. Especially in early years, my notes are terse as they were recorded in a small notebook (which I still have). In the internet age I transcribed my notes to my original web site, and now things one. All current winemaking logs are more verbose, but continue to be simple descriptions,.

In the summer 2021, I started a blog in which I recorded the winemaking process in detail, including photos. Since then I have been recording other detailed logs, when I believe there is value, e.g., the process is different from previous logs.

The newest member in this post grouping is a comparison between the Finer Wine Kits Frutta Blackberry and Strawberry.

These posts are listed here.

Oak Stix Experiment

Updated: 09/26/2021

We have completed an experiment using Next Level Oak’s oak kit product, comparing American, French, and Hungarian oak against Hungarian oak cubes. Our final tasting was on 09/26/2021 and a Conclusions section has been added to the post.

Current Updates

This section lists wines currently in production.

2022 Strawberry updated 07/09/2022
2022 Blackberry updated 07/09/2022
2022 Sauvignon Blanc updated 05/21/2022
2022 Pinot Noir updated 04/29/2022
2022 Chocolate Raspberry Port updated 03/21/2022
2022 Elderberry updated 05/02/2022
2021 Super Tuscan updated 03/16/2022
2021 Rhone Blend updated 03/16/2022

Recent Wines

These are wines bottled in the last 12 months (or so):

2021 Chardonnay updated 05/21/2022
2020 Meritage updated 02/11/2022
2020 Meritage Plus updated 02/12/2022
2021 Barbera updated 01/17/2022
2020 Second Run Merlot / Vinifera Blend / Zinfandel updated 10/13/2021
2020 Merlot updated 09/29/2021
2020 Zinfandel updated 09/29/2021
2020 Vinifera Blend updated 09/29/2021
2020 Sauvignon Blanc updated 07/05/2021


Current posts are displayed on the right, with the most current ones first.

Wine Making: This menu contains lists of current and finished wines, along with various lists of everything I’ve made.

Beer Making: This menu contains lists of current and finished beers. I don’t have an overall list as I don’t make a lot of beer.

Blogs: Here’s you’ll find general blog posts (non-recipes) that talk about wine or beer making in general. There are also “white papers”, documents that describe technical points to the best of my ability.