Wines … in Detail

November 2021

At this point I’ve started 4 posts that delve into winemaking in great detail. These explain my actions, reactions, and results on a daily basis. In addition to the steps I’m taking, I’m commenting on my techniques (including why I do what I do) and offering a bit of my personal philosophy regarding winemaking.

This started with documenting the making of a Finer Wine Kits Barbera, as my niece was getting a hardware setup for her birthday. This gives her an in-depth view into making one of these kits.

When I purchased a FWK Chardonnay, I decided to give it the same treatment, as it’s a white kit and there are some differences.

Then I started a Rhone blend, mixing FWK Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Merlot kits to produce a blend we are interested in … as well as producing enough wine (initially 18 gallons) to fill a 54 liter barrel (14.25 US gallons). These are the new Forte kits which come with 2 grape skin packs and a seed packet. Ok, this is different enough that I created an “in Detail” post for this one.

Please Note: Not every wine will received the “In Detail” treatment. My intention is to address different facets of winemaking in a detailed manner, and to not do repeats. If there is something regarding a batch that I’ve not covered before, I’ll write one of these posts. Otherwise not.


2022 Grape Wines in Detail updated 10/22/2022
2022 Strawberry and Blackberry in Detail updated 10/06/2022
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2022 Chocolate/Raspberry Port in Detail updated 12/04/2022
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2021 Rhone Blend in Detail updated 12/04/2022
2021 Chardonnay in Detail updated 05/21/2022
2021 Barbera in Detail updated 03/10/2022

At this time (December 2022) I’m not seeing any value in producing more “In Detail” blogs. I’ll write another one if I do something that needs such a treatment, e.g., I adopt a technique new to me, or make something different such as mead.