Wines … in Detail

November 2021

At this point I’ve started 4 posts that delve into winemaking in great detail. These explain my actions, reactions, and results on a daily basis. In addition to the steps I’m taking, I’m commenting on my techniques (including why I do what I do) and offering a bit of my personal philosophy regarding winemaking.

This started with documenting the making of a Finer Wine Kits Barbera, as my niece was getting a hardware setup for her birthday. This gives her an in-depth view into making one of these kits.

When I purchased a FWK Chardonnay, I decided to give it the same treatment, as it’s a white kit and there are some differences.

Then I started a Rhone blend, mixing FWK Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Merlot kits to produce a blend we are interested in … as well as producing enough wine (initially 18 gallons) to fill a 54 liter barrel (14.25 US gallons). These are the new Forte kits which come with 2 grape skin packs and a seed packet. Ok, this is different enough that I created an “in Detail” post for this one.

The ferments on these kits is very rapid, which appears to be related the creation of an overnight yeast starter AND really good yeast nutrients. This has caused me concern, as the wine fermented faster than I want, as skin contact duration is necessary for red wines.

So … when the Super Tuscan kits arrived, they also got an “in Depth” treatment.

Please Note: I will not be doing this for all future wines. I’ll write an “in Detail” post if a batch will be different enough from previous batches that it’s worth documenting the differences.

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