Category: Detailed Winemaking

In-depth descriptions of the making of a wine, far beyond the notes I normally keep.

2022 – Elderberry in Detail 0

2022 – Elderberry in Detail

Last updated 05/02/2022 I decided to document this wine in detail as it’s a non-typical, home-developed recipe. This recipe has 2 differences: It’s a fruit concentrate that has been extended with grape concentrate. The...

2021 Finer Wine Kits – Barbera in Detail 6

2021 Finer Wine Kits – Barbera in Detail

Last updated 03/24/2022 I’ve decided to continue this blog, post-bottling, adding periodic tasting notes. See the menu below. This blog is a step-by-step description of making a Finer Wine Kits (FWK) according to their...