Monthly Archive: July 2023

Wine Bottling Process 1

Wine Bottling Process

updated: 07/26/2023 In a recent discussion with a friend, we discussed errors during bottling, such as failing to add sorbate to a backsweetened wine. This spurred me to record what I do when bottling....

Kombucha Batch #23-03 0

Kombucha Batch #23-03

updated 08/18/2023 July 2023 Immediately after bottling batch 23-2, I started this one, using the black tea I purchased last month. 07/19/2023 For the tea I used 2 rounded tablespoons of tea, to give...

The Most Important Question In Winemaking 2

The Most Important Question In Winemaking

updated: 08/10/2023 I’ve been answering beginner questions on WineMakingTalk for years, and have long since determined the most important question in winemaking. The question doesn’t mention fruit or yeast or racking or anything specific....