2011 Pomegranate / Zinfandel

April 2011I was in American Brewmaster with my friend John the day I purchased the Green Apple Riesling. This one sounded interesting to both of us so I purchased it the following week.

November 2018While updating my site (adding pictures of labels) I realized I misspelled “pomegranate” on the label …


Kit Winexpert Selection Original Series Wine Kit — Pomegranate / Zinfandel
Bentonite yes
Yeast Red Star Premier Cuvee (included in kit)
Sugar 8 cups [The fun wines are designed for low alcohol, like 7% — I chaptalize to about 10%]
Sulfite yes
Sorbate yes
Kieselsol yes
Chitosan yes


Using powered stirring rod, dissolved bentonite into hot water.

Added juice/concentrate and rinsed bag.

Topped fermenter up to 6 gallons and sprinkled yeast over top.

SG 1.072
Racked wine into carboy and gallon jug. 04/17/2011
SG 1.012
Stirred up sediment (as per kit instructions) and racked into fermenter. 04/30/2011
SG 0.992
Using powered stirring rod, stirred metabisulphite and sorbate, Pomegranate F-Pack, and chitosan into wine.

Racked back into carboy and gallon jug.

SG 1.010
Racked. 06/05/2011
SG 1.010
Bottled. 09/14/2011
SG 1.010


Yield 29.5 bottles
Alcohol 10.9%
Residual Sugar 2.6%
09/14/2011 I like this one better than the Green Apple/Riesling. This one is probably a keeper, although my preferences is for dry reds.
11/13/2011 Last week I tried some of this with dinner. NOT a good choice, this is a sipping wine not one for typical meals. Too sweet.
05/02/2014 Like with the Green Apple/Riesling, I’ve still got a case left. It’s tasty, but not what I really enjoy.
10/28/2018 As I noted with the Green Apple/Riesling, this wine lasted FAR longer than I expected. I gave my last bottles to my niece and my sister last year – both wines were still doing well. I’m quite surprised.