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How Long to Bulk Age Wine 0

How Long to Bulk Age Wine

“How long to bulk age wine?” is a common discussion / area of disagreement in home winemaking. Ask 10 winemakers, you’ll get at least 11 opinions. Note: In October 2018 I published a post...

Why Used Barrels? 0

Why Used Barrels?

I own two 54 liter barrels manufactured in 2010, making them 11 years old. Folks have asked me why I purchased used barrels. Let me count the ways (reasons): Benefits of Barrels in Winemaking...

Oak Stix Experiment 1

Oak Stix Experiment

This post documents the background and progress of an experiment I am conducting using Next Level Oak oak kits. In this experiment I am comparing the effects of American, French, and Hungarian oak stix...