2022 Chocolate/Raspberry Port

March 2022

Looking at my existing wine stock, I realized I’m down to about 15 bottles each of the Coffee Port and Black Forest Port. These are split bottles (375 ml).

Top that with the fact that I’ve been interested in a Raspberry port for a while, so I jumped on it.


Kit Global Vintners Chocolate/Raspberry Apres Kit
Bentonite 10 g
Fermentation Oak 20 g toasted granular oak
Yeast 2 tsp Avante + 1/2 tsp Fermax + 1 tsp sugar
Sugar 400 g chaptalization sugar
Sulfite & Sorbate 7 g sulfite and 7 g sorbate
Fining Agent 12.5 ml kieselsol and 150 ml chitosan
F-Pack included
Glycerin 3 oz
K-meta as needed

In a primary fermenter, dissolved the bentonite in hot water, then added the concentrate bag. Following that, rinsed it 3 times with about a cup of hot tap water each time. At the end, the bag had no visible solids remaining. Topped up to 3 gallons.

Created a yeast starter with 2 tsp Avante, 1/2 tsp Fermax, and 1 tsp sugar in 1 cup water.

SG 1.111
Rechecked the SG, it rose a bit. This seems to be typical with musts, e.g., they don’t immediately mix as well as we think they do.

Added yeast starter.

SG 1.116
There is no activity, so it appears the yeast starter failed. I had the yeast stored in the freezer, and suspect the jump between freezer temperature and room temperature was too much.

Created a new starter with 4 tsp Avante, 1/2 tsp Fermax, and 1/2 tsp sugar in 1 cup 93 F water. This one took off within 15 minutes, and I inoculated 8 hours later.

SG 1.116
The SG dropped to 1.018, so I added the chaptalization sugar.

Created a starter with 1 packet EC-1118, 1/2 tsp Fermax, and 1/2 tsp sugar in 1 cup 96 F water. This one took off within 15 minutes. This will be added tomorrow morning.

SG 1.030
Instructions state any SG under 1.010 is “done”, so the wine is ready for the next stage. I tasted it during racking, it’s dry.

Racked the wine and stirred for 1 minute, changing directions after 30 seconds. Add sorbate/K-meta pack and F-pack, rinsing the F-pack with 2 glasses of wine. Added kieselsol, then stirred for 30 seconds. Waited 2 minutes, added chitosan, and stirred for 30 seconds.

SG 0.998
SG 1.015
Racked the wine, adding 1/4 tsp K-meta. I was short a bit in the 3 gallon carboy, and since I was drinking Rioja, topped with 4 oz.

Normally I’d not rack this quickly, but I had the wine in a 19 liter carboy while degassing and needed to get it out due to excessive headspace. My guess is 95% of the sediment has dropped, so what’s left is fine lees, which is OK to leave in.

The SG dropped a bit, which indicates the stirring of the F-pack was not sufficient.

SG 1.012
Racked, adding 1/4 tsp K-meta and 3 oz glycerin. SG stabilized at 1.014. Bottled in 30 split bottles. 10/15/2022
SG 1.014

Yield 30 split (375 ml) bottles
Alcohol 17.7 %
Residual Sugar 4.2%

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