1985 OceanSpray CranRaspberry

October 2018 – This wine was far from being a classy wine. But it was delicious and the five bottles I got from the batch got wiped out in short order. Aging wine was letting it set for 3 months after bottling.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. High quality or not, it pleased my friends and was a success.


Fruit two 1-1/2 quart bottles Ocean Spray CranRaspberry
Water 2 quarts
Sugar 4 cups
Citric Acid 1/2 tsp
Yeast Energizer 1/2 tsp
Yeast Nutrient 1/2 tsp
Yeast Red Star Flor Sherry


Started 05/13/1985
SG 1.105
Racked 05/24/1985
SG 1.082
Racked 05/30/1985
SG 1.075
Racked 06/23/1985
SG 1.060
Racked 07/09/1985
SG 1.052
Racked 08/22/1985
SG 1.052
Racked 05/16/1986
SG 1.014
Bottled 05/19/1986
SG 1.014


Yield 5 bottles
Alcohol 12.4%
Afterthoughts This started perking along quite well, and then just quit. I figured that it had to do with whatever preservatives were in the juice, stuck it in a corner and forgot about for more than 6 months. I was going to toss it, but checked the SG anyway and tasted it.

This was an early lesson that making less than 5 gallons of any batch is a waste of time!

While quite sweet, this wine was a real pleaser. Five bottles didn’t last long …