1985 Rhubarb

October 2018 – I suspect this was an attempt to reproduce my first batch of wine … along with the fact that our neighbor had a huge rhubarb patch that was mostly unused, and we had free use of it.

I wonder why I’d want to reproduce that first batch. 🙂


Fruit 12# rhubarb
Water 5 gallons
Sugar 24 cups
Campden 5
Citric Acid 2-1/2 tsp
Yeast Energizer 1 tsp
Yeast Nutrient 2-1/2 tsp
Yeast Red Star Epernay II


Started 06/01/1985
SG 1.084
Yeast added 06/03/1985
SG 1.084
Strained 06/10/1985
SG 1.030
Racked 06/23/1985
SG 0.990
Racked 08/17/1985
SG 0.988
Bottled 08/17/1985
SG 0.988


Yield 28 bottles
Yield 12.8%
Afterthoughts I think this wine convinced me to not make rhubarb wine any more. It came out ok, but compared to most everything else I made during this period it was marginal.