1987 Seyval Blanc

September 2006 – Seyval is my favorite French-American hybrid. It makes an excellent dry white. Vidal is more versatile, but when it comes to dry white, Seyval beats out all the other hybrids.

Well … in my opinion, anyway!


Fruit 5 gallons seyval juice, 4 quarts reserved
Energizer 03 tsp
Pectic Enzyme 2 tsp
Yeast Nutrient 05 tsp
Yeast Epernay II


Started, yeast added 10/08/1987
Racked 10/11/1987
Racked, 1 gallon removed to make sparkling wine 10/30/1987
4 tsp pectic enzyme, 1 gallon pourback, oak chips added to main 10/30/1987
Main racked 10/06/1987
Sparkling bottled 10/15/1988
Main filtered, #2 filter pad; Bottled. 10/27/1988


Yield 25 bottles + 5 bottles sparkling wine
Afterthoughts The sparkling tasted ok, but it didn’t sparkle all that much. I used the method of adding additional sugar and champagne yeast and crown capped it in quart soda bottles. After it sat for the specified amount of time I put the bottles in the freezer for several hours, then one-by-one opened them, poured carefully and gently into clean champagne bottles, put in a plastic champagne cork, and wired it down. As I said with last year’s apple, I may try it again eventually … or I may not.