1988 Leon Millot

September 2007 – This wine was a huge disappointment. It taught me to keep an eye on the airlock to ensure it’s full.


Fruit 6 gallons Leon Millot juice, 20.5 brix, 1.1 acid, 30ppm sulfite
Pectic Enzyme 3 tsp
Yeast Nutrient 4 tsp
Yeast Energizer 3 tsp
Yeast Lalvin KV-1116


Started with 8oz oak chips 16 Sep 1988
Racked, oak chips removed 19 Sep 1988
Racked, 1/4 tsp K-sulfite added 04 Oct 1988
Racked, 1/4 tsp K-sulfite, 1/2 tsp ascorbic acid, 1 tsp citric acid added 28 Jan 1989
Filtered, #1 filter pad 27 Mar 1989
Filtered, #2 filter pad 09 Apr 1989
Bottled carboy, partially oxidized 05 Oct 1989
Bottled remaining gallon, in great shape 14 Nov 1989


Yield 29 bottles
Afterthoughts This one was a great lesson — make SURE the airlock is filled with something besides air! The wine from the carboy was drinkable — I fed it to friends who had no palate, who typically loved it. If I recall I threw out the last few bottles.

The extra gallon? That made me cry! Not the wine, but the fact that it was wonderful and I lost the previous 5 gallons of it!