1997 Carmine Batch #1, 2nd Run

December 2007 – I decided that I’d try a second run from the Carmine skins from the original batches, keeping them segregated as Batch #1 and #2 had different yeasts. Given the amount of pulp I had, it made sense to get more mileage from it.


Fruit pulp from fermentation of 274 lbs Carmine, divided 2/3 (Batch #1) and 1/3 (Batch #2), respectively
Sugar 23 cups
Water 5.75 gallons
Pectic Enzyme  tsp
Grape Tannin 2 tsp
Yeast Wyeast 2028
The yeast was present from the original batch; no fresh yeast was added


Started second run using pulp from 1997 Carmine Batch #1, adding all listed ingredients. 09/21/1997
SG 1.046
Pressed pulp. 09/27/1997
SG 1.004
Added 1/2 tsp sulfite and 6-1/2 cups additional sugar. 09/27/1997
SG 1.021
Racked. 10/19/1997
SG 0.991
Racked, added 1/2 tsp potassium sulfite. 01/10/1998
SG 0.991
Bottled. 05/10/1998
SG 0.991


Yield 28 bottles
Alcohol 9.8%
Afterthoughts Didn’t have a lot of body, but this is expected from a combination of young grapes and second run. Not my favorite, but oddly enough, it came better than the 1st run.
When doing a second run, for best body – don’t press the fruit from the first run – segregate the free run juice and use the unpressed pulp for the second run. When the second run is done, press the pulp and divide between the two batches.