1997 White Bordeaux

December 2007 – This was my second kit wine. I liked a lot better than the Vieux Chateau Du Roi I did the previous year.

I was in wine making withdrawal, didn’t want to wait until the fall (when I made Carmine), so I made the Canned Cabernet and this one.


Kit WineArt White Bordeaux Kit
Sugar 6 cups
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118


Started kit, following directions. 04/26/1997
SG 1.084
Racked, added bentonite. 05/05/1997
SG 1.016
Bottled 09/11/1997
SG 0.990


Yield 29 bottles
Alcohol 12.8%
Afterthoughts This was my second kit — I was really impressed with it. Not that it was a great wine, but it was a good-valued table wine. Definitely better than anything in that class, and certainly cheaper to make. [Not that price is my motivating factor here!]
I don’t recall much about this kit. I vaguely recall racking it 10 days or so after starting, then just ignoring it for months as I was busy with other stuff. It came out fairly good, given the overall quality of the kit. If it had not, I’d have probably given up on wine making.
October 2018 While moving from my old site to this one, I spotted that I added 6 cups of sugar to the kit. The original SG must have been horribly low. The kits in the 90’s were not the best, especially in comparison to today’s kits.