1997 Canned Cabernet

December 2007 – I called this one “Canned Cabernet” as I made it from canned concentrate. Years before I did cherry wine from concentrate, and it didn’t come out too bad. This one? The Brits would call in plonk, and deservedly so. Since then I’ve not done a batch from grape concentrate.


Kit two 46 oz cans Alexander’s Sun Country Cabernet Sauvignon Concentrate
Sugar 12 cups
Nutrient 3 tsp
Bentonite 4 tsp
Acid Blend 6 tsp
Grape Tannin 1 tsp
Yeast Red Star Montrachet


Started. Added all ingredients. 03/11/1997
SG 1.085
Racked. 03/21/1997
SG 1.002
Racked. 04/26/1997
SG 0.997
Bottled. 09/11/1997
SG 0.997


Yield 27 bottles
Alcohol 12.0%
Afterthoughts This one came out ok, although everyone who tasted it liked it better than I did.
October 2018 In reading through my old logs while transferring records to my new web site, it’s obvious (to me anyway) that modern (2018) concentrates are far better quality that those of the 80’s and 90’s. But the market now has a higher volume, possibly driven by the internet and the ease of spreading wine making knowledge. This pushes up the requirement for higher quality materials. Or so I surmise …