2016 Orange Chocolate Port

September 2018 – I made an Orange Chocolate Port a few years ago. It came out really good, so I wanted to do another port-style wine. Although I wanted to do something different, American Brewmaster only had this kit.

While I was slightly disappointed, I wasn’t disappointed enough to not buy it. 🙂


Kit R J Spagnols Orange Chocolate Dessert Wine kit
Additives bentonite, metabisulphite, sorbate, chitosan (included in kit)
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118 yeast (included in kit)
Sulphite As needed


Emptied grape juice bag into fermenter, squeezing the bag to get out as much as possible. No water is added to this kit. Stirred for 1 minute.

Sprinkled bentonite on top, avoiding clumping. Stirred bentonite into the must.

Sprinkled yeast on top, did not stir in.

SG 1.110
Racked wine. Added sulphite and sorbate. Stirred for 2 minutes.

Added F Pack, stirred for 2 minutes.

Added Kieselsol, stirred 1 minute. Waited 5 minutes, added chitosan, stirred gently.

Racked into 3.5 gallon carboy.

SG 0.994
Final SG 1.030
Racked wine. Added 1/4 tsp potassium metabisulphite. Bottled. 07/14/2018
SG 1.030


Yield 30 split bottles
Alcohol 16.3%
Residual Sugar 5%
Winemaking Notes I let this one set longer than I intended, but the high alcohol and sugar preserved it.
08/17/2018 1 month post-bottling, the wine is very tasty.
10/20/2018 This is a very nice dessert wine! While it doesn’t rank with real port or similar wines, it’s a pleasing end to a meal.
02/29/2020 I haven’t recorded notes on this one in over a year. Now that I’m down to 10 bottles (splits) I figure I should make notes.

Overall this one came out good, but it was a the lees a bit too long at one point. This gives it an off flavor that distracts from the orange and chocolate notes. Still a good wine, but getting wine off the less relatively soon is a good lesson.

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