2020 Zinfandel

October 2020 – I like last year’s Old Vines Zinfandel from Lodi, CA, so I’m making it again. Some or all of it will get blended into the other wines for the Bordeaux style blend.

Yes, I know Zinfandel is not a Bordeaux grape ….

The plan changed — I’m doing 1 barrel of just Bordeaux grapes (Merlot + Vinifera Blend) which I’m calling 2020 Meritage. The remaining wines, including this one, will go in the second barrel and I’m calling it 2020 Meritage Plus.


Grape 144# Old Vine Zinfandel from Lodi, CA
Enzyme 2 tsp Scottzyme Color Pro
Fermentation Oak 1 lb shredded American oak, medium toast
Yeast 2 packages Red Star Premier Rouge
Nutrient 12 tsp Fermax + 6 tsp Fermax
Sulfite potassium metabisulfite added at various points (see below)
Fining Agent
Aging Oak


Crushed & destemmed the grapes. Grapes at 52 F, have to warm up to 65 F before inoculation.

Added Scottzyme Color Pro for improved color extraction and 1 lb fermentation oak.

SG 1.090
Temperature rose to 67 F in the afternoon. Added 12 tsp Fermax and yeast. 10/11/2020
SG 1.090
Added 6 tsp Fermax. 10/14/2020
SG 1.058
The cap started to drop with fermentation ended, so I got little free run from this. Medium pressed the pomace.

Reserved 2 gallons each of wine, which will continue to be tracked in this log. The intention is to bottle 1 gallon of varietal wine.

All remaining wine is part of the 2020 Meritage Plus blend.

SG 0.996


Yield ? bottles
Alcohol ?%