1986 Apple

October 2018 – I had no idea what I was doing when I made this. Of course, there was no internet in which to look things up, and the books I had at the time provided no guidance, so I proceeded as I would with any other fruit. In hindsight, I should have used apple juice.


Fruit 20# Macintosh apples
Water 6 gallons
Citric Acid 3 tsp
Sugar 16#
Energizer 3 tsp
Sulfite 7 Campden tablets
Yeast Red Star Epernay II
Nutrient 5 tsp


Started 11/15/1986
SG 1.105
Yeast added 11/16/1986
SG 1.105
Strained 11/29/1986
SG 1.009
Racked 12/02/1986
SG 1.002
Racked 12/17/1986
SG 0.990
1 gallon reserved for sparkling 01/15/1987
SG 0.990
Main bottled 12/15/1987
SG 0.990
Sparkling bottled 07/27/1987
SG 0.990


Yield 25 bottles + 5 bottles sparkling wine
Afterthoughts I tried making sparkling wine twice — neither attempt was what I’d call a thundering success. I may try again … or I may not …

Apple wine should be sweetened slightly. It tends to be astringent if it’s not. This is often true to non-grape wines.

October 2018 It just occurred to me that I used Campden tablets, and I was wondering why. I think I had purchased a large bag a year or two before and was using them up. Campden work … but they are a PITA for anything other than gallon batches.