1999 Merlot

December 2007 – I had absolutely no memory of making this wine until I found my notebook in 2007. This was the top-end WineArt kit at that time – I’m seriously surprised I don’t remember much about it.


Kit WineArt Project Wine Cellar Merlot Kit
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118


Started kit. Placed concentrate, filled to 5-1/2 gallons with water. Sprinkled yeast on top. 03/18/1999
SG 1.090
Racked into carboy. 03/25/1999
SG 0.996
Racked, added oak chips. 04/18/1999
SG 0.995
Bottled 06/28/1999
SG 0.995


Yield 25 bottles
Alcohol 12.9%
Afterthoughts This kit went fairly smoothly. Spent an extra amount for a “Project Wine Cellar” kit, supposed to be higher quality. Not sure it came out any better than a regular kit.
Decent taste, better than the bargain merlots. Maybe as good as some of the better ones.
10/18/2018 In reading through my notes, I can tell I was not convinced that the Project Wine Cellar kits in this era were worth the money. Modern (2018) medium quality kits are better.