Bottle Labels – 2024

Wines Bottled in 2024

Note: These labels are from wines bottled in 2024, not started in 2024.

2023 marked the first time in 30+ years that I made French-American hybrids.

The first to go in the bottle was the Vidal made from juice. The background is the vineyard where the grapes were grown

The first 12 liter carboy of Vidal-Orange (Vidal fermented on the skins) used a picture of Vidal grapes as the background.

When I bottled the final 4 liters, I used the Glade Springs Vineyards graphic. However, I slightly faded the photo so the colors are not as bright.

It doesn’t show as much on screen, but on the printed label the original labels are bright enough to be garish. Slightly muting the colors makes a more pleasing label.



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