Kombucha Batch #24-01

updated 06/09/2024

March 2024

Immediately after bottling batch 23-6, I started this one.


After bottling #2024-01 I washed and dried the jar, then put the SCOBY and 1 cup reserved liquid back into it. During the 3 months the last batch steeped, the SCOBY got very thick, so I kept what appeared to be the newest part. The following picture is from batch 23-6:

As with the last batch I used 3 Tbsp tea in 1 liter boiling water, letting it steep for 15 minutes. I removed the straining bag, pressed the excess liquid back into the tea, and stirred in 1 cup sugar. I let it rest on the counter for 2 hours to cool.

After adding the tea to the jar I topped with cool water.


Bottled the batch today, using 1 Tbsp sugar to each bottle, along with 1/3 cup Simple Nature Immunity Blend. I filled each bottle to just the neck (12 oz Molson beer bottles), and barely got 12 bottles from the batch. This is with the SCOBY and 1 cup liquid reserved for the next batch.

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