2003 Peach / Chardonnay

October 2018 – This was my second fun wine kit. As with the Black Cherry/Pinot Noir (BC/PN), it was a bit sweet.


Kit Wine-Kitz Peach Chardonnay Kit
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118
Sulfite Yes
Sorbate Yes
Fining Agent My notes say “fining agent”, but I’m guessing that means kieselsol/chitosan


Started wine, following the directions. Added grape juice/concentrate to fermenter; topped up to 6 gallons. Added Packet #1 (tannin and yeast nutrient) and yeast. As with the BC/PN, the starting SG is a bit low (IMO). 08/02/2003
SG 1.068
Racked the wine after 7 days. While the directions say 10 days to next racking, this one is going 14 … 08/09/2003
SG 1.001
Racked the wine as per schedule. As with the BC/PN, not as much sediment as expected. It may be this line of kits. Added sorbate, fining agent, and sulfite, plus peach concentrate. This is going to be an interesting wine … 08/23/2003
SG 1.006
Racked the wine 3 weeks later. Good compaction of sediment — didn’t stir a bit when I racked it. 09/23/2003
SG 1.006
Bottled it. 11/28/2003
SG 1.006


Yield 28 bottles
Alcohol 9.1%
Afterthoughts The low alcohol has me questioning the shelf life. Not that I expect that to be a problem with this wine, it’s popular and it’s unlikely I’ll have any left a year from now.
01/28/2004 Tried the first bottle — WOW! Like the BC/PN it’s a bit sweeter than I expected.
06/07/2004 Mellowed a bit with some aging, but I like the BC/PN better.