2007 Sherry

June 2007 – I purchased a “Sherry” kit, expecting it to be a dry sherry, as the vendor’s catalog lists both a dry and cream sherry. To my chagrin, when I opened the package and read the instructions — it’s a cream sherry kit!

Next time I stopped at American Brewmaster I mentioned it, and they said I could return the kit, even though the box was opened, as long as the contents were unopened. Thought about returning it, but decided to make it. Maybe later this year I’ll order a DRY sherry kit!

Note: I was irritated with myself for screwing up the F-Packs (see notes) so I made only one label for the entire mess.

I had to poke some fun, so I made a few joke labels.


Kit Winexpert Selection Speciale Series Wine Kit — Cream Sherry
Bentonite yes
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118 (included in kit)
Sulfite yes
Sorbate yes
Chitosan yes


Started kit. Mixed yeast with 1/2 cup water and 1 Tbsp sugar; set aside to foam up.

Mixed bentonite in 1/2 gallon water — drill-mounted stirring rod works like a charm.

Added grape concentrate and topped up with water to 3 gallons. Added yeast.

SG 1.128
Checked SG. Didn’t drop as much as directions call for. Decided to let it set longer.

My paper log doesn’t specify, but I must have racked the wine to a carboy.

SG 1.040
Ignored wine for months on end. Racked wine (sediment VERY heavy, like the port) but still managed to suck up enough sediment to make it murky (like the port).

Added metabisulphite, sorbate, chitosan, and F-pack. Used drill-mounted stirring rod to mix it well.

SG —

As noted in the 2007 Port log, I screwed up — I switched F-packs between the two, so I have Port base with Sherry flavoring and Sherry base with Port flavoring …

Tasted ’em both — while they don’t taste like they were intended to, they do make interesting dessert wines. I’m going to make a version of Chicken Marsala with each and see what the family thinks.

SG —


Yield 15 bottles
Alcohol 17.7%
05/18/2008 Has a distinct port flavor. Interesting that the port F-Pack flavored the Sherry base far stronger than the Sherry F-Pack flavored the Port base. I expected the reverse.
October 2018 This experiment taught me to label my wines better and more securely.

During this time period I had repeated job upheaval, something that hit me sporadically for a number of years. I’d start a batch of wine during a good period and then get slammed, pushing all thoughts of hobbies out of my mind. But it all leveled out.