2009 Barolo (Nebbiolo)

November 2009This one caught my fancy … and that was all the decision there was! Of course, this isn’t a real Barolo, but I believe it is Nebbiolo, which is a less recognizable name the “Barolo”.

I was in a very playful mood when I created the joke label, which I used on 6 bottles.

November 2018I learned long after the fact that this wine was actually Nebbiolo. In recent years it appears that the kit vendors are moving away from proprietary names. I suspect they’ve been receiving legal challenges and changed their naming to avoid problems.


Kit Winexpert Selection Original Series Barolo Kit
Bentonite yes
Sugar 4 cups
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118 (included in kit)
Sulfite yes
Sorbate yes
Kieselsol yes
Chitosan yes


Purchased 5 gallons of spring water as home water is very hard. Dissolved bentonite in 1 gallon water in fermenter, using powered stirring rod to mix.

Added juice/concentrate and topped up to 6 gallons, again mixing well. SG was a bit low so added 4 cups white sugar to increase it.

Added the oak dust. Rehydrated the yeast and added it.

SG 1.090
Racked wine and transferred to carboy. 12/31/2009
SG 1.010
Racked wine. Added sulfite & sorbate, stirring vigorously with drilled mounted stirring rod.

Added chitosan and stirred again.

Added 1/4 tsp potassium metabisulfite.

SG 0.994
Ignored wine for far too long. Finally bottled it, putting 12 bottles in corked bottles and 13 in 750 ml screwcaps. 03/06/2011
SG 0.994


Yield 25 bottles
Alcohol 13.0%
03/06/2011 Tasted a bit earthy at bottling time, probably from all that time spent on the lees. Kits don’t benefit from aging on the lees, nor do they seem to benefit from bulk aging. Next kits should be done roughly within the timeframe specified in the directions.
03/18/2011 Opened a bottle for making spaghetti sauce. The off flavors I noticed at bottling are there, but seem to be lessening. Six months in the bottle may smooth this one out nicely. However, future kits I will bottle on a more timely basis!
11/13/2011 The off flavors previously noted have not lessened significantly. The wine is fine for cooking, and ok with food, but not for casual sipping.