2011 Chardonnay / Semillon

March 2011I looked at the available kits in American Brewmaster, looking to pick a white. I kept coming back to this one so I snagged it. Chardonnay and Semillon are not a traditional French blend … but it sounded interesting.

I printed a special label for a friend’s birthday. It’s fairly easy to do, and the label makes the wine a personalized gift.


Kit Winexpert Selection Original Series Wine Kit — Chardonnay/Semillon
Bentonite yes
Yeast Red Star Premier Cuvee (included in kit)
Sulfite yes
Sorbate yes
Kieselsol yes
Chitosan yes


Started kit according to directions. Used powered stirring rod to mix bentonite package into hot water.

Added concentrate and rinsed bag. Topped primary up to 6 gallons. Sprinkled yeast on top.

SG 1.082
Racked wine into 5 gallon carboy and 1 gallon jug. 03/21/2011
SG 1.001
Directions indicate SG should drop to 0.996 or lower. Never got lower than 0.998.

Stirred sediment back into wine, racked back into 7 gallon fermenter.

Stirred in metabisulphite & sorbate. Stirred inisinglass. Racked back into carboy & gallon jug.

SG 0.998
Racked wine. 04/17/2011
SG 0.998
Bottled wine. 05/20/2011
SG 0.998


Yield 27 bottles
Alcohol 11.4%
05/20/2011 Surprisingly tasty at bottling. Didn’t taste as green as I’d expect. Still going to age a few months before tapping the next one.
09/08/2011 Four months is the bottle have done well by this one. I’ll make this kit again.
11/09/2011 This one is a keeper! I’m not massively fond of most chardonnays, the semillon rounds this one out. I’ll make it again.
05/02/2014 I’m down to just one bottle of this. I almost bought another kit, but purchased the Luna Bianca instead. We’ll see how that one turns out.