2018 Chocolate-Peanut Butter Porter

August 2018 – I love Duclaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus and Terapin’s Liquid Bliss – chocolate peanut butter porters! So much that I had to make one!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter


Malt 6 lbs dark malt extract
Steeping Grains 1 lb crystal malt light 4SL
0.7 lbs pale chocolate malt
0.25 black malts
Hops 1.75 oz East Ken Golding (boiling)
0.75 oz Fuggle (boiling)
0.75 East Ken Golding (finishing)
Yeast Safale US 05
Flavorings 8 oz peanut butter flavoring
5 oz chocolate flavoring
Priming 3/4 cup priming sugar


Put steeping grains in mesh bag. Heat 2.5 gallons water to 155 F and steep the grains for 20 minutes. Let bag drain for 10 minutes.

Brought wort to rolling boil. Shut off heat. Added 3 lbs DME, stirring to dissolve. Bring back to boil. Added 1.75 oz East Kent Golding hops. Boiled 45 minutes.

Added 0.75 oz Fuggle hops. Boiled 15 minutes, turned off heat, added 0.75 oz East Kent Golding hops.

Stirred in remaining DME. See note below.

Poured wort into primary, topped up to 5.5 gallons.

Sprinkled yeast on top.

SG 1.050
Racked, put into 5 gallon carboy + 1 gallon jug. 07/18/2018
SG 1.013
Racked. Added 8 oz peanut butter flavoring and 5 oz chocolate flavoring. Added priming sugar. Bottled. 08/11/2018
SG 1.013


Yield 57x 12 oz bottles
Alcohol 5.0%
Brewing Notes Stirring the final malt in did not work well. It clumped badly. I’ll do something different next time.
09/15/2018 This has been a successful experiment. It’s still in need of aging, but the taste is great! I expect that at the 6 month mark this will be great! The big question is: how much will be left at that mark?
10/15/2018 Another month has shown that it has great flavor. I need to make this again soon … mostly so some will survive to age long enough for a good taste test.