English Nut Brown Ale

September 2019 – I was running short of beer and this kit seemed to have my name on it …


Malt 6.6# liquid light malt extract
Steeping Grains kit doesn’t specify in the instructions
Hops 1 oz East Kent Golding (boiling)
1 oz East Kent Golding (finishing)
Yeast Nottingham Ale Yeast
Priming 3/4 cup priming sugar


Put steeping grains in mesh bag. Heated 3 gallons water to 165 F and steeped the grains for 30 minutes. Let bag drain for 10 minutes.

Brought wort to rolling boil. Shut off heat. Reserved 1 quart boiling wort. Added both bags of liquid malt – stirring well after each addition. Used reserved wort to rinse the bags the liquid malt came in.

Brought back to a boil, added, 1 oz East Kent Golding hops. Boiled 45 minutes.

Added 1 oz East Kent Golding hops. Boiled 15 minutes.

Transferred to primary fermenter. Diluted with cold water to 5.5 gallons. Used ice bath in sink to reduce temperature to 70 F.

Added yeast, sealed fermented, and place air lock.

SG 1.042
Racked & bottled 09/21/2019
SG 1.010


Yield 55 bottles
Alcohol 4.3%
Brewing Notes I was disappointed the instructions did not specify the contents of the steeping grains.
09/21/2019 It wasn’t supposed to be bottled today — I always do 2 stage fermentation. But I screwed up and added the priming sugar, so today became bottling day …