1988 Vidal Blanc

September 2007 – Vidal is one of those few grapes that anything can be done with it. It’s famous in the Finger Lakes for late harvest dessert wines, it makes a very good off-dry, semi-sweet, or sweet table wine. And it makes a good dry table wine. This prompted me to make a batch.


fruit 6 gallons Vidal juice, 21.0 brix, 30ppm sulfite
grape tannin 1/4 tsp
pectic enzyme 3 tsp
yeast nutrient 6 tsp
yeast Red Star Epernay II


Started 10/18/1988
Racked, 1/4 tsp K-sulfite added 11/01/1988
Racked, 1/4 tsp K-sulfite, 1/2 tsp ascorbic, 1 tsp citric acid added 01/28/1989
Filtered, #1 filter pad 03/27/1989
Ravat pourback added 04/08/1989
Filtered, #2 filter pad 04/09/1989
Bottled 11/14/1989


Yield 26 bottles
Afterthoughts I must have had a BUNCH of ravat reserved for pourback this year! Vidal makes a great wine, regardless of dry or sweet.