1996 Muscadine

December 2007 – Lorraine and I went to the Raleigh Farmer’s Market, and when I spotted muscadine grapes, I decided I should give that a try.

I went into this knowing that I was purchasing eating grapes, not wine grapes.

Fruit 2 bushels Muscadine grapes (didn’t have a scale big enough to weigh them)
Sulfite 5 tsp sodium metabisulfite
Sugar 12 cups
Pectic Enzyme 7 tsp
Yeast Nutrient 7 tsp
Yeast Red Star Red Wine yeast

Crushed fruit, added sulfite, sugar, pectic enzyme, and nutrient.

Added sugar by the cup, stirring hard and checking hydrometer after each addition.

SG 1.076
Added yeast. 09/22/1996
SG 1.076
No activity. Added Wyeast 3028 Pasteur Red Yeast to jump start it. 09/24/1996
SG 1.076
Jump start worked like a champ! Pressed fruit. 09/29/1996
SG 1.004
Racked. 01/03/1996
SG 0.997
Racked. 01/13/1996
SG 0.997
Bottled. 03/08/1997

Yield 30 bottles
Afterthoughts This wine was VERY sharp, painful to drink. In retrospect I should have sweetened it at least a bit. No plans to make it again — the fruit quality (bought at Raleigh Farmer’s Market) was low and it’s not a grape that to my taste, anyway.