2018 Black Raspberry / Merlot

July 2018

My niece loves the “fun wines” I sometimes make. My last bottles from 2011 are now gone … I enjoy them, once in a while, so I don’t make them often.

However, she decided she wanted her own, purchased the materials, and I’m making it for her. This is ok with me, I get to make more wine! 🙂

Kit Island Mist Black Raspberry – Merlot kit
Additives bentonite, metabisulphite, sorbate, kieselsol, chitosan (included in kit)
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118 yeast (included in kit)
Sulphite As needed

Added 2 cups hot water to primary – stirred in bentonite.

Added merlot bag, rinsing the bag well with water (added to primary). Filled to 5.5 gallons with water.

SG was low (typical with Island Mist fun wine kits). Added 10 cups sugar to raise SG.

Sprinkled yeast on top.

SG 1.090
Racked, moved to 5 gallon carboy. 07/29/2018
SG 1.003
Racked wine. Added sulphite and sorbate. Stirred with powered rod for 2 minutes.

Added kieselsol, stirred for 1 minute.

SG 0.990
Racked into primary. Added F pack and chitosan. Stirred for 1 minute.

Racked back into carboy

SG 1.013
Racked & bottled. 09/21/2018
SG 1.013

Yield 25.5 bottles
Alcohol 13.6%
Residual Sugar 1.7%
Winemaking Notes The final alcohol was a bit higher than I originally planned, but isn’t a problem.
12/21/2021 This wine is very drinkable at this point, with no indication of decline.