2018 Chilean Sauvignon Blanc

July 2018

I purchased this kit last year with the intentions of making it then. I got busy and put it aside. This looks like the time to do it!

Kit Winexpert Selection Chilean Sauvignon Blanc kit
Additives bentonite, metabisulphite, sorbate, kieselsol, chitosan (included in kit)
Yeast Lalvin EC-1118 yeast (included in kit)
Sulphite As needed

Following kit instructions, dissolved bentonite in hot water in fermenter.

Added wine concentrate. Topped fermenter up to 5.5 gallons, using several quarts of the water to rinse the wine bag. Stirred with powered stirring rod for 2 minutes.

Sprinkled yeast on top of must.

SG 1.092
Racked wine and moved to 5 gallon carboy, with 3/4 gallon in a gallon jug. Topped both with airlocks. 07/24/2018
SG 1.000
Racked both containers into a primary.

Added metabisulphite and sorbate, stirred for 2 minutes Added chitosan, stirred for 2 minutes.

Racked back into carboy, filling it. Put remainder in empty wine bottle.

SG 0.993
Racked wine.
Added 1/4 tsp metabisulphite and bottled.
SG 0.993

Yield 25 bottles
Alcohol 13.5%
Winemaking Notes Kit is old, sat for more than a year. Concentrate seemed dark, but kit whites are rarely as light as fresh grapes. Smelled good at start and tasted good at bottling time.