1985 Peach


Fruit 2-1/2# peaches
Water 1 gallon
Sugar 6 cups
Citric Acid 1 tsp
Yeast Energizer 1 tsp
Yeast Nutrient 1 tsp
Yeast Red Star Epernay II


Started 06/03/1985
Strained 06/06/1985
Racked 06/23/1985
Racked 07/09/1985
Bottled 08/22/1985
Wine was murky, refused to clear. Didn’t understand what I was doing when I bottled.
Unbottled the wine. Added pectic enzyme and a fining agent (can’t remember what, probably Sparkaloid).
Rebottled 05/17/1986


Yield 5 bottles
Afterthoughts This one didn’t come out good. It had a musty flavor that made me appreciate that I only had 5 bottles. Note that during this time period I drank anything I made that would go down and stay down. I opened bottles of this after opening 2 or 3 other bottles … and still had to pick non-discriminating drinkers. ROFL!

Note: At this time the only wine making book I had was by H E Bravery … hands down, the worst book on wine making ever written. In his opinion, fruit wines should be made with as little fruit as possible, to avoid any fruit character. Which begs the question: Why make a fruit wine? These days, when I make a fruit wine, I use 4 to 6 lbs of fruit per gallon of water.