1986 Peach

October 2018 – As my notes indicate, I remember nothing of this wine. It’s also a very odd batch size, so I’m guessing I had 6 lbs of peaches and made wine from what I had.

At that time the only book I had was “Successful Wine Making at Home” by H. E. Bravery, copyright 1961, 11th printing, 1983. Given that I had no other sources, I took the book to heart.

One of Bravery’s ideas was that fruit wine should have as little fruit character as possible, so he called for only 2 pounds of fruit per gallon of water. I learned quickly that he had no idea how to make good fruit wine.

Shortly after this I purchased “The Art of Making Wine” by Stanley F. Anderson with Raymond Hull (copyright 1970). This was a better book and provided a lot better instruction, but still is quite dated.

Be thankful for the internet – getting good information on wine making is easy!


Fruit 6# peaches
Water 2-1/2 gallons
Sugar 20 cups
Citric Acid 1-1/2 tsp
Energizer 1-1/2 tsp
Sulfite 3 Campden tablets
Nutrient 2 tsp
Yeast Red Star Epernay II


Started 07/15/1986
SG 1.100
Yeast added 07/16/1986
SG 1.100
Strained 08/24/1986
SG 0.990
Racked, pectic enzyme added 12/23/1986
SG 0.990
Clarified 01/01/1987
SG 0.990
Racked 01/12/1987
SG 0.990
Bottled 08/03/1987
SG 1.000


Yield 16 bottles
Alcohol 14.9%
Afterthoughts I remember nothing of this wine, which indicates it wasn’t memorable … but I’m sure we drank it just the same!


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